Chiropractic Arm Pain

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Dr. Koehn grew up playing baseball, football and basketball. Through these activities he's grown to have a passion for treating sports related injuries. He understands proper healing takes time, but also a combination of correct treatment and a well-rounded rehabilitation.


Dr. Koehn practices numerous adjustment techniques and tailors all of his diversity to each individual patient. He takes pride in identifying the problems patients present and working with them to eliminate their symptoms and increase their overall function and quality of life. Dr. Koehn is proficient with orthopedic exams, radiology and identifying the best treatment for his patients.

Some of the problem areas Dr. Koehn can assist with include:

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Sciatic Pain


Sports Injuries


Shooting Pains

Prenatal/Postnatal Care

Auto Accidents (including whiplash)

Work-related Accidents

Extremity Work (i.e. knee, wrist, elbow, etc.)

Muscle Rehabilitation

Soft Tissue Treatment (including myo-facial release and post isometric relaxation)

Chiropractic Back Adjustment
Chiropractic Muscle Therapy

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Koehn Chiropractic treats patients in all phases of life, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Difficult cases are welcomed. Patients who have had surgical procedures can also get results from chiropractic care, while improving their overall life.

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