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With school starting in just over a month, it’s almost time for fall sports. Before your high schoolstudent can start practice, they are required to have an updated physical. Not only does Dr. Koehn perform sports physicals, they are just $20. That’s a bargain considering what it could cost in medical bills if you don’t have one performed. Now, you’ve been told a physical needs to be done, but have you ever wondered why it is required every year? Or what the doctor is looking for?

These common questions are answered below.

Why is a physical required every year?
The Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) requires students to submit a physical form, performed by a doctor, each year he/she participates in sports. But why every year? The simplest explanation is because people change. Just think about it, no one ever plans on breaking a bone, needing surgery or having a major health condition. Any of those things can directly affect a student’s ability to participate in strenuous activities. There are also countless illnesses which can hinder an athlete that have few, if any, side effects. So, as a precaution, the KSHSAA deemed it necessary that a physical be performed every year.

What is Dr. Koehn looking for?
This question is a little more complex. Although all sports physicals have the same objective (checking for sprains, strains and proper joint and muscle function), each doctor evaluates his/her patients a little differently. Some doctors focus on specific areas while others do more of a general evaluation. As mentioned earlier, there is an exponential number of diseases that could be taking place inside of a person without any signs. Unfortunately, it isn’t realistic to check for every single deficiency. However, with a thorough evaluation, a large number of those diseases can be eliminated. Still curious as to what is actually being tested? Here is a brief list of what Dr. Koehn looks for when checking each area:

Eyes – Concussion, checking vision, proper eye movement and function
Ears – Blockage, redness from infection
Mouth – Swollen lymph nodes
Nose – Discharge, checking sinuses
Stomach – Bowel obstructions, appendicitis, gallstones
Reflexes – Proper neurological development
Back – Scoliosis, pain, misalignment
Heart rate and Blood pressure – Cardiovascular abnormalities
Lung – Lung disease
Skin – Abnormalities, infection

Again, this is not an extensive list of what Dr. Koehn is looking for when he performs a sports physical, it is just a sampling. Dr. Koehn is more than happy to walk you through the tests during a physical, just ask!

Please remember, if there is a disease you are particularly concerned about (it runs in the family, your child is showing side effects, it is being passed through the community, etc.) this is the time to mention it. It is better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to your health. Prevention and early diagnosis are key in the first steps of treatment of disease. So, be sure to call Dr. Koehn today to schedule your child’s sports physical, for just $20!

Dr. Rob Koehn

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